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A business is usually an entity where people engage in a transaction that has a purpose. This transaction may be exchange of money or services between people. Other people purchase the goods and services offered by the business. The business owner, also known as the business owner is responsible for hiring employees for such work.


The word business often comes from the words busy, which means performing various things, and company, which means to employ or make available materials and supplies needed for carrying on business. It therefore explains the function main article. Main article refers to any one of the activities carried out by a business enterprise. They are:


Companies employ staff to perform the tasks that cannot be performed by anyone else. The tasks could be producing, processing, delivering, packaging, advertising, selling, administrative and secretarial services, including sales and marketing staff. Business enterprises normally generate profits by employing people who produce the goods or services that customers buy. These activities therefore comprise the production, processing, production and delivery of tangible goods or services, as well as intellectual property.


An entrepreneur is someone who, with the help of a partner or group of partners, combines with others to achieve common goals. Partners in a business endeavor are people who provide services and act as representatives of the business organization. Common goals of a business organization may be to increase profits, reduce costs, expand market share, achieve common objectives, attain common public objectives, or create and maintain a competitive edge over other companies. These goals are set at the time the partnership is formed.


A business environment is the atmosphere of a particular business or organization. Different firms have different business environments. Some firms produce, process, deliver, pack and sell their own products or goods, while others manufacture, import or distribute other companies’ goods. In some countries, the term ‘business environment’ is used to describe the legal and political environment surrounding a business enterprise. This definition may sometimes conflict with the meaning of profit in certain businesses.


Profit in businesses is not the main article. It only represents one of the many factors that contribute to the accumulation of wealth. Other factors such as hard work, the quality and quantity of raw materials and innovations, as well as human and equipment quality, quantity and effectiveness constitute the main articles of wealth accumulation in businesses.


Profit in businesses is possible only if there is demand for the products or services provided by the firm. The profit margin that a firm earns is determined by supply and demand. An increase in supply of raw materials tends to reduce the cost of production and allow firms to earn more. On the other hand, an increase in demand for the same products and services causes the price to fall. This, in turn, causes firms to experience increased profits. Profit in businesses is therefore dependent on factors such as availability of raw materials, demand, and the degree of customization that businesses can enjoy.


A business can earn profit in different ways. One way is to receive a contract for the sale of the goods and services that it produces. Another is to receive a grant from a government agency for establishing a separate legal entity for conducting the business. A third way is to engage in activities that render the goods and services sold in the business useless if the buyer takes legal action against the firm. A fourth way is to sell the goods and services produced in the business to another party that does not have a contract with the main article producer.

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