Friday, July 19, 2024


Digital Advertising Strategies That Deliver Results

Digital marketing strategies that bring results start with an in-depth knowledge of their target audience’s demographics, preferences and pain points. Based on this insight, companies can then craft effective messaging and select digital channels to promote it. An effective overall marketing strategy unifies marketing efforts with business goals, whether that means brand recognition, website traffic […]


Tax Implications of Remote Work – What Employers Need to Know

Employers of remote workers must understand the tax repercussions, which include sales tax nexus as well as state income taxes and sourcing rules. Some states utilize the “convenience of employer” rule, which designates an employee’s tax home as the company office location. State Taxes Remote work arrangements that span state lines often present complex tax […]

Workplace Automation: Redefining Job Roles and Skills

Workplace automation can be an incredibly useful tool that reduces human involvement while freeing employees to focus on tasks requiring creativity and ingenuity. Unfortunately, however, workplace automation doesn’t come without its challenges. Employees must be prepared to work alongside automated processes, filling any skills gaps created by automation taking over repetitive tasks. While this requires […]


The Future of Performance Management – Trends to Watch

Workplaces are becoming more demanding, and employees want better, more efficient ways to accomplish their goals. They don’t think their companies realize this, however. Luckily for them, improvements in technology and some new trends seem to be moving in the right direction. Here are five things that could easily reshape performance management as we know […]


Sales Enablement in the Digital Age: Strategies for Success

Good sales enablement is buyer-centric and iterative. It is enabled first by a granular understanding of the buyer’s problems and preferences, then by the providing of content tailored to those problems, along with ROI/TCO calculators and other value-based selling tools for the reps. You also need a talent-management organisation, which will: (a) train your reps […]

Sales Funnel Optimization – Strategies for Success

An optimized sales funnel will enable your business to maximize the return from each lead, leading to rapid revenue growth and enhanced customer retention. To maximize conversions, it is necessary to understand your target audience and their needs. Doing this will enable you to craft engaging content that compels prospects to convert at each step […]