Entrepreneurial Case Studies


Case studies can give your business the personal touch it needs while building relations with media outlets.

Each time your product or service is used by a customer, an opportunity presents itself for writing a case study and reaping its positive outcomes. Make the most of every instance by taking advantage of this chance.


Entrepreneurial case studies provide students with a more in-depth examination of marketing, finance and strategy than is available elsewhere. With interviews and original research providing additional details not readily available elsewhere. They offer students a valuable behind-the-scenes glimpse.

Entrepreneurial cases provide valuable insight into how people think and act in real-life scenarios. A study by Spencer Harrison from INSEAD and colleagues revealed that artisans with increased curiosity at work were significantly more creative.

Human factors play a prominent role in Industry 4.0 research and its related work, evidenced by an extensive body of literature and increasing numbers of empirical case studies that emphasize design for user or human centred design (HCD) as a cross-disciplinary strategy.


Case studies can be an excellent way to demonstrate your business model in its natural context and highlight your most valued features and characteristics.

Successful entrepreneurial case studies combine real-world data with an in-depth knowledge of your customers’ needs to give an edge against competition and set you apart. A well-crafted case study can make all the difference.

An intriguing aspect is the wide array of case study programs out there; however, few successfully combine real world data and business complexity into one program. Therefore, selecting and implementing the appropriate case study program for both your business and students will lead to increased customers and stronger relationships with current ones as well as providing invaluable knowledge of clients needs that will aid future business model creation.


Credibility refers to the level of trust or belief a person or organization places in something or someone. Credibility can be established through experience, performance or by consistently living up to what you promise.

Reputation is everything in business. It allows your brand, products or services, and even growth to thrive.

Establishing credibility in business demands dedication and an ability to be honest and direct while respecting other people’s feelings.

Beginning an online business can take time and patience, but doing it correctly will pay dividends down the road. Your credibility will eventually pay dividends!

Based on an Istanbul Syrian-style cheese maker as an example, we have collected case studies that showcase how credibility can be established and maintained through various activities including e-commerce and social media marketing. Entrepreneurs can read these case studies to gain insight into establishing it themselves.


Accessibility refers to making products or services accessible for everyone, including people with physical disabilities, cognitive impairments, linguistic or visual challenges that might impede how they use them.

Accessibility industry is experiencing exponential growth and expansion as technology becomes ever-more commonplace in everyday lives.

Businesses that prioritize digital accessibility will see numerous advantages, including increased audience reach, improved profits, enhanced brand image and strengthened customer loyalty. Furthermore, these business owners will minimize legal risk and operational expenses and save both.

Businesses should take proactive steps to address accessibility early in their projects rather than waiting until later to retrofit existing content, which can have an enormous impact on costs associated with fixing issues due to litigation or compliance complaints.

Accessibility is a complex topic, requiring extensive knowledge in both technical and legal terms. Mastery takes time, with skilled professionals often being limited.

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