Television Advertising Vs Advertising Through the Internet


Advertising can be defined as a marketing communication that employs an explicitly endorsed, non-identifiable message to sell or promote a product, idea or service. Sponsors of advertising usually are large businesses hoping to market their products through advertising. The message conveyed through advertising may be intended to persuade the target audience to respond favorably or not. A simple advertising slogan or tag line may have all the desired effects, but not if it is not well-suited to the audience. A successful advertising campaign must be able to strike the right chord between boldness and attractiveness of the advertising message.


Advertising can be of various types such as magazines, posters, booklets, television, or radio advertisements. These different types of advertising to deliver messages to the audience in different ways. Some of these methods are not very visible to the naked eye such as television advertisements that are targeted for particular groups of consumers. Other types of advertising, which are more transparent are commonly seen by all viewers and are designed to persuade prospective customers to respond to the advertisers.


The most common means of advertising are through newspapers, magazines and other printed media. Through such publications, consumers get to see advertisements of new products and services, and are encouraged to try out these products or services through the advertisements. The advertisements in newspapers, magazines and other printed media act as a significant form of advertising because they are readily accessible and can easily catch the attention of the public. This is why consumers tend to remember newspaper ads or magazine advertisements more than other types of advertisements. These advertisements also have the advantage of being easily seen by a majority of the population.


Another means of advertising is through the use of videos. There are many video advertisements that are becoming popular these days due to the ease of production and distribution. Most video ads are short in length and highlight features of new products and services. A well-made video advertisement can attract consumers to try out a product or service for which it has been designed. In the past, video ads played a very vital role in attracting consumers. However, certain changes in the way video advertisements are made have resulted in their diminished use.


Interactive advertising has also seen a considerable decline in recent years due to technological improvements. For instance, television programs, which used to include interactive features to allow the audience to interact with the program, have been abandoned in most cases. With this, the audience finds it difficult to interact with the advertisements and instead tends to simply ignore them. As a result, the number of consumers who are attracted to advertisements due to their interactive features has drastically reduced.


Online advertising, on the other hand, has seen a marked increase in popularity. This is largely due to the increased availability of high-speed broadband connections. High speed internet connections provide easy access to online video advertisements, which are easier to recognize and follow than print advertisements. Furthermore, the number of consumers who are able to view ads online is also increasing. Due to these factors, advertising specialists are finding it increasingly difficult to persuade people to watch commercials. Most of them admit that the number of people who are attracted to advertising is decreasing.

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