How to Improve Marketing Attribution Without Burdening Your Sales Team


When you think about how to improve marketing attribution, you might also consider ways to increase sales, increase ROI (Return on Investment), and increase your bottom line. However, how do you measure your success with a method that requires so much work? And what if you already know the best way of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, but are still having problems figuring out how to make it more effective?

One problem with most methods for assessing marketing effectiveness is that they use statistics to determine which techniques are working well for a certain company or product. For example, if your business is selling shoes, your sales team will be asked to track their sales trends for the month. But what if the trend is going in the wrong direction? It is much harder to figure out the exact numbers when a product or a company’s sales trend is not going the way it should. A good statistician might look at your data and come up with a different result than a sales team that is trying to figure it out.

The second problem with these methodologies is that they can also be very subjective. In other words, the statistics themselves can be too subjective. While you might like to see a company’s sales figures go up, it may not be as important to the sales team as it is to the statistician.

The third problem with these methodologies is that they are not necessarily time tested. You might have an existing system that you are using right now, but if it is still doing a poor job, you are not necessarily finding out if it is really doing the job you thought it was before you made the changes. There is a lot of research into statistics and marketing that has been done, but unfortunately a lot of it has not been done yet.

This is where an improvement methodology can help. The improvement methodology is a method for measuring your marketing campaign that will allow you to compare the results of your statistics to the results of a different set of metrics. Instead of using a statistician to look at your data, you use another set of people who are used to tracking sales campaigns. that are already tracking your marketing efforts. These individuals have seen all the same trends as you, so they can look at the same things and see if they are showing you the same results.

This kind of improvement methodology makes the process much easier for you. Not only can you compare your results with the results of your competitors, you can also compare them with the results of any other company or product that is currently using the same tactics.

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