Accounting Research Manager


A technical accounting research manager functions with an investigative team, providing support in designing surveys and research methodologies. Their duties include increasing customer intuition, reducing organizational expenditure, and generating a client base of research accounts. They also assist in planning and executing exhibitions and consultations for the company. In addition, they are involved in the creation of marketing strategies. The job of an accounting research manager requires a degree in accounting or related field. The role requires excellent academic qualifications.

CCH Accounting Research Manager delivers authoritative content and authoritative financial reporting, simplifying research. The latest lease accounting standards are the hottest topic for today’s professionals. With the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s lease standards, this topic will remain on top. To stay abreast of current developments and stay ahead of the curve, you need to have access to authoritative content and relevant research. The CCH Accounting Research Manager makes this task easier with expert commentary.

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